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Many industries are paying greater attention to service quality and customer satisfaction. Design is known as “unrealistic assumptions” as the goals are often unknown when a project starts, and the requirements continue to change during the process.

Irrespective how a design is purveyed or perceived, it is merely an artistic and conceptual aestheticism. This is what Pureesign believes in.

As a corporate website designing company, it specializes in the contemporary corporate website solutions as well as Google SEO (search engine optimization).

The founder Jeyon Lim always believes that Design is not judged only by its beauty but it is about how much you understand your clients and the targeted audiences.

As leading practitioners of design management and design leadership, Jeyon and his team members are actively engaged in conceptual design thinking, website design, graphic design, brand identity, interface design, and many more. They often work for corporations, design agencies, educational institutions, and many more from different fields.

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Founder & History

Design is not judged only by its beauty but it is about how much you understand your clients and the targeted audiences.

Pureesign provided its expertise way back in 2009, and the founder, Jeyon Lim, believes in the sustainability of high standard quality of services and customer satisfaction.

Pureesign provides design planning and strategy, plan, deploy and manage websites of the highest quality for corporate and small business clients who demand a return on their internet solutions and graphics investment. Pureesign has the experience in franchise and branding concepts, 3D modeling and printing services with the ISO 9001 Bureau Veritas certification.

Our Founder Jeyon Lim started as a website design freelancer in Kepong Kuala Lumpur Malaysia after working under a design agency for 2 straight years. During the time when Jeyon was working for the design agency, he did not only master his skills in website coding, but also experienced corporate identity and graphic designing jobs together with great printing knowledge.

Jeyon registered his own website design company in year 2009, and was servicing clients from many places around Kuala Lumpur (KL) and Selangor Petaling Jaya (PJ)n and Klang valley. Jeyon had been working with clients from Singapore and China.

As a Freelance Website Designer base in Kepong Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, it was very competitive to Jeyon, as the jobs’ requirements from his clients were high. Jeyon started to practice and picked up Online Marketing and Online Advertising skills such as SEO (search engine optimization) from his business associates, hoping to get a return on the jobs his clients had invested.

Jeyon realised that by gaining more trust and confidence from the cold market as a website design freelancer, he had to work hard for recognition in business field, and in year 2013, Jeyon was awarded 21st Century The Prestigious Brand Service Quality Award, and Asia Honesty Entrepreneur Award. Jeyon did not only obtain the recognition for himself, but also for his company, and was published in Top Corporate Leader Magazine Issue 5.

In year 2014, Jeyon started to invest in Online Marketing System, and ECommerce Online Shopping solution. He strongly believed that as a Web Designer, he should not only focus on front-end design, as there are many businesses in Malaysia are now looking into generating sales using internet especially from SEO (search engine optimization) services.

Pureesign’s office is now located at Bandar Sri Menjalara Kuala Lumpur, and Jeyon is looking forward to servicing more clients from different places and Pureesign will be happy to help with any other challenges that clients are experiencing. Jeyon and his team is working hard to make Pureesign a top Website Design Company in Kuala Lumpur as well as Petaling Jaya Malaysia.

Jeyon believed that running a Malaysia web design company should always put honesty and professionalism as a priority when serving the clients. Neccesary follow-ups and after sales service should be focused too, as majority of the clients are not I.T. savvy people and that is why the experts in the field of web design Malaysia should always guide them side by side.

Our Mission & Vision

To provide the best and website and online marketing services in Malaysia. We strive to be one of the best website design companies in Malaysia, and positive leadership and innovation.

Our Core Values

Honesty, Integrity and professionalism. To honour all promises and deliver great results to all respective clients.